Stunning Dancer Portraits by a Birmingham, MI Photographer

Capture the art of dance with a portrait by Marla Michele Must.

When it comes to photographing a dancer, it takes a true artist to recognize movements and translate them into photos. With over seven years of professional photography experience, Marla is able to take the moves of any dancer and turn them into works of art. Timing is everything, and she’s able to capture the perfect shots each and every session.

With each different type of dance comes a different photography need.

Ballet is graceful and elegant, whereas tap is vibrant and full of life. To properly be able to capture such energy, photographers need many years of experience working with motion. Marla has been working with dancers for over seven years and continues to make works of art for the dance community. She’s a reputable authority for dance photos in the metro Detroit area, and she’ll make your photos stand out amongst everyone else’s!

Dancing is more than just a hobby, it’s a career for some.

Starting from a young age and building up a skillset of movements is something to be proud of. Marla understands the amount of time and discipline that goes into learning routines and creating them, and has always admired the dedication of dancers. Documenting that journey through photos is a beautiful way to show your dancing portfolio, as well as how far you’ve come since the beginning of your dance days! Trust Marla’s photography skills to present all of the subtle movements and techniques you’ve learned over the years. Thinking of becoming a professional dancer? There’s no better way to present yourself to potential clients than by a stunning portfolio of professional photos!

Marla takes dancer portraits a step further by using advanced editing technologies to balance all elements of each photo.

After she effortlessly guides you through your photo session, she works tirelessly to ensure that your photos are flawless. By evaluating colors, textures, scenery and light, she ensures that the focus of all the photos is on you! The finished product is a perfectly-tuned portrait of you doing what you do best.

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