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Whether for a family portrait, high school graduation photos or holiday portraits, Marla at Enchanted Photography leaves no stone unturned to create the perfect images that you will fall in love with. Enchanted Photography was created after finding her lifelong passion for photography after the beautiful gift of adoption. After opening in 2011 in Birmingham, Michigan she focuses her photography to children, family, and siblings. When you meet Marla she truly brings the enchantment to the name of her business. Her photos are truly a master piece.

Marlas talent seems effortless while behind the lens from producing stunning end results that keeps families in the area coming back for more . She has been creating gorgeous Graduation Photos throughout Southeast Michigan.

Metro Detroit’s Trusted Portrait Photographer

Family Portraits

A photo of your entire family is something you can cherish forever. Marla had true talent in capturing a timeless family portrait. Anything from holiday portraits, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, trust a professional photographer to give you exactly what your looking. Family portraits are something the whole family can appreciate. With Marla’s eye for the art of photography, you’ll be proud to show off what a beautiful family you have. She has experience with families large and small and will work with a group of up to 10 relatives.

  • Here are a few things to keep in mind before you come to your session:
  • Marla chooses the location the evening before, remember to dress appropriately.
  • Please let Marla grab your child’s full attention, as it can be difficult to compete with a parent for the child’s attention.
  • Keep the coordination of clothing with use of color scheme and textures.



Graduation Photos

After long years of school, you near the end with a high school graduation setting you up for the next step of your child’s life. Being a high school senior is a huge accomplishment for you and your child, which calls for a celebration! What better way to document a monumental time then creating photos that you will be excited to share with others. Marla works her magic behind the camera while the student can stand loud and proud for all their hard work they’ve been doing. She has the unique ability to find a common place between both parents and child while providing them with a beautiful location they both will love. Marla has experience with many high school photos throughout Southeast Michigan and understands how to capture the perfect moment.

Once a session is complete, Marla put every ounce of love and creativity into editing the photos to perfection. She then will send you the photos, you will pick out what ones you like and return then back so that she can put her final touches on them. By adjusting the colors, lighting and focus, the final product of each photograph is something that will bring tears to your eyes. Marla Michele Must at Enchanted Photography is Grosse Pointe, MI’s recommended graduation photo photographer.

Whether you need graduation photos for your child, family portraits, or holiday photos, Marla Michele Must at Enchanted Photography is the professional photographer you’ve been looking for. Contact Marla at Enchanted Photography today to schedule a photography session.