Professional Equine Photography  – Horse & Rider Photography in Southeast Michigan

There’s no truer bond than that of a horse and its rider.

The amount of trust that this relationship requires is unmatched, and the ability to capture it in a photo is something that is not easy to do. Marla Michele Must of Enchanted Photography has mastered the art of professional horse and rider photography. Marla is an accomplished equine photographer with over seven years of experience. She deeply values the unique connection valued by horses and their riders. A horse lover herself, Marla has an innate talent for capturing the true equine spirit.

Capture a moment between you and your horse to cherish for a lifetime – About Your Equine Photoshoot

What is a better representation of your relationship with your horse than a beautiful portrait or senior picture? Marla is one of the top equine photographers in Michigan and is highly esteemed for her stunning portraits. She is very personable and will take the time to learn about your vision for the photos and will provide you with memories to cherish with a high-quality, personalized equine photoshoot.

  • She will work with you to pick a location. Depending on where your horse is stabled, she can either come to you or meet you at one of her past equine shoot settings.
  • Pack all necessary riding gear. Marla will photograph you both on and off of your horse. It’s good to have all of your usual gear with you to keep the horse at ease (this also includes snacks!)
  • Don’t worry about planning your poses. She will be posing you and your horse in tried and true positions that translate to stunning photos.

Marla is a fellow horse enthusiast and knows how to capture their attention without scaring them.

Equine photography often conjures images of camera flashes spooking horses.. That is far from the truth of Marla’s talents! As Detroit’s trusted equine photographer,she is well-versed in successfully getting the attention of a horse and quickly taking a beautiful picture without frightening it. She has seven years of experience building an immediate trusting relationship with a horse and making sure that it feels safe during the duration of the photoshoot. She promises to keep the horse’s best interest at heart and never pushes it (or its rider) beyond its capabilities for the sake of a good photo.

Crafting Equine Portraits 

After directing your photo session, Marla uses elements like light, texture and color to create gorgeous prints.

She carefully dissects each photo to make sure they are up to her high standards and puts together a large selection for you to choose from. She will then send you proofs, where you can pick the ones you like the most. Let her know your picks, and she will edit them to perfection! The end result is a series of beautiful portraits that are perfectly focused, colored and in great detail, thanks to her expertise in horse and rider photography.

Ready to experience Marla Michele’s photographic magic? Explore her horse and rider photoshoot gallery to see captivating moments and be inspired. Contact Marla today to truly capture the essence of your relationship with your horse.