Birmingham, MI’s Preferred High School Graduation Photographer

Send your graduate off in style with a one of a kind senior portrait!

After thirteen years of schooling, it’s official – you have a high school graduate! This is a huge milestone for you and your child alike, and it’s cause for celebration. Between college applications, commencements, graduation parties and the like, the focus sometimes shifts away from your graduate’s huge accomplishment.

Marla Michele Must at Enchanted Photography specializes in making your child the center of attention through beautiful senior pictures, giving them the confidence to go forward into their future endeavors.

Long gone are the days of your student leaning on a ladder in front of an artificial background.

The last thing that your child wants to do is take graduation pictures that they are embarrassed to share. Studio backdrops with props and forced poses are a thing of the past, leaving kids feeling like they’re posing for a catalogue instead of their high school graduation pictures. Marla’s pictures escape the usual artificial backgrounds and get your graduate outdoors in beautiful nature scenes! She factors in location, time of day and the season to find a backdrop perfect for your graduate’s senior photos.

  • Marla will choose a location the day before your scheduled session. Depending on the weather and amount of sunlight predicted for the next day, she will pick a corresponding setting.
  • She will be posing your child. No need to coach your daughter or son on a specific way to stand or smile the night before their photoshoot! Marla will have your graduate doing tried and true poses that look best in pictures.
  • Avoid overly trendy clothing. Styles come and go but photos last forever! Have your graduate wear something classic, without logos or words so as not to be distracting.

Marla works with you and your graduate’s vision to create photos that you’ll be excited to share.

In her seven years of professional experience, Marla has learned that sometimes parents and their graduates come to disagree on location, poses and outfit choices. While each may have a different direction that they would like the photoshoot to go in, Marla is able to find a common ground between the two and deliver photos that everyone will love! She has photographed countless graduates and knows just how to capture that sense of achievement they all share.

After making your graduate the star of the show, Marla works diligently to edit the photos to perfection.

She examines each photo and eliminates ones where your graduate is blinking, talking or otherwise not prepared for the shot. She’ll then send you the photos, where you’ll pick your favorites and return to Marla so she can adjust the colors, lighting and focus of the photos. The final product is a variety of stunning photos that are clear, bright and focused on your graduate!

Contact Marla at Enchanted Photography today to schedule your high school graduation photo session!