Award Winning Portrait Artist, Marla Michele Must

Marla Michele Must has had a camera in hand since she was thirteen. It was not until 2010, while on an adoption trip to China with her two children, that Marla picked up her camera again after a long absence with the intent to document the journey. During the trip, she chronicled the adoption of her youngest daughter through a blog and she hasn’t been able to put down the camera ever since. The beautiful gift of adoption to Marla’s family brought along with it the unexpected return of the gift of Marla’s lifelong passion for photography.

Shortly after returning to the United States in 2010, Marla continued to use her camera to photograph the bonding process between her older children and their new, then-3-year-old sister, Sasha Jade “Tian Tian”. Ava Rose was 8 at the time, and Jake was 10.

“Those priceless moments between my children were so moving and beautiful to capture… that entire timeframe was enchanting,” Marla recalls. Enchanted Photography evolved from that experience. In 2011 Marla opened Enchanted Photography, her Birmingham, Michigan studio where she focuses on children, families, siblings, Empowered Portrait Sessions for children who have been the victim of trauma, and promotes Random Acts of Enchantment. When you meet Marla it is not by chance that her business is called, Enchanted Photography. She juggles it all; her art, her family, her life, and is in fact enchanting when you meet her.

The success found through her camera has given Marla the opportunity to connect to and bring awareness to causes close to her heart. These causes are listed below:

Adoption Awareness Blog
Book of new Family Traditions
Random Acts of Enchantment

What should I know before my photo session with Marla?

Marla is committed to providing her clients with all the information that they’ll need before the day of their photography session. Click the links below to learn more about her photography process, the locations that you can currently see her work on display and the multiple times that she has been featured in the news!

How it Works
On Display
In the News