Esteemed Sibling Photographer in Birmingham, MI

Of all family relationships, siblings share a special bond.

Growing up with a sibling means that your child has a friend for life. What better way to capture that friendship than in a professional portrait? Marla Michele Must has been professionally photographing siblings for over seven years, and can create an exceptional portrait of your favorite little ones. A mom of three herself, she knows the ins and outs of getting siblings to interact and have that translate to beautiful photos.

Wardrobe Advice

After all of her years of experience, Marla knows the best outfit color schemes and textures. She’ll help you with any questions you have about your kids’ wardrobe and will recommend tried and true suggestions that always translate to great photos.

Location, Location, Location!

The night before your children’s photo session, Marla will let you know which location she’ll be photographing them at. She takes into account weather patterns, lighting at certain points of the day and scenery to create the perfect backdrop for your portraits. She has knowledge of many different locations in the area, some of which may surprise you!

Smile and Posing Expertise

Obviously your children are extremely comfortable around each other, and this could allow room for some funny business when it comes to focusing on the camera. Marla has many ways to capture your children’s attention and get the million-dollar smiles you know and love. With that being said, it’s difficult to compete with a parent for their children’s attention, so please sit back, relax and let Marla work her magic.

Professional Editing

After the photo session has ended, Marla gets to work editing the photos to perfection. She emphasizes color, texture and specific focal points to ensure that each portrait is one that you’ll always treasure.

A portrait of your children is a perfect gift for anyone in the family!

Instead of the usual presents you give during the holidays or a birthday, why not gift the smiling faces of your kids? Sibling portraits by Marla are a unique gift for grandparents, godparents and everyone else. Simply plan your photo session, take the photos, wrap them up and you have a gift that your relatives will never forget!

To schedule your private family photography session with Marla Michele Must, contact her today!