Birmingham, MI’s Most Recommended Family Photographer

Create something unforgettable with your family that you can treasure for years to come.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the love of your family captured in a timeless photo. However, getting everyone to pick a location, agree on how to pose and focus on the camera at the same time is much easier said than done. Don’t risk a family feud; trust a professional family photographer to conduct your photoshoot!

For over seven years, Marla Michele Must of Enchanted Photography has been creating gorgeous family photos across southeast Michigan. She effortlessly creates unique portraits and her work is highly esteemed by families in the area.

Give a gift that keeps on giving!

Whether for a holiday, birthday or just because, relatives always appreciate a gorgeous family photo. Marla has a unique talent for creating stunning family portraits that you’ll be proud to gift! Instead of the usual kitchenware for the holidays, surprise grandma by planning a photo session with all of her kids and grandkids involved! Marla will work with up to 10 family members to create a beautiful portrait that is guaranteed to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

When your family chooses Marla Michele Must for a portrait, rest assured you’re working with a professional.

No matter their age, Marla knows how to get every member of the family engaged for the perfect family photo. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and is a Master Photographer of Portraits, so she understands the necessary tactics needed to get that perfect shot. She has over seven years of professional experience providing her clients with not only beautiful photos, but also tips to prepare them before the photoshoot.

  • She will pick the location the evening before the scheduled session based on the weather. Dress appropriately!
  • She will be attempting to capture children’s eye contact. Parents, please let her do so, as it is difficult to compete with a parent for the child’s attention.
  • Coordinate clothing, but don’t match! Use families of colors and textures to make your photos pop.

After your photography session with Marla, she uses her “hand artistry” to create the perfect images for your family.

Once Marla works her magic and captures your family in a beautiful setting, she begins the editing process. She looks through each photo and eliminates any undesirable ones (if someone was blinking, talking, looking the other way, etc.) before presenting you with a selection to choose from. You then pick the photos that you like the most and Marla gets to work adjusting the colors, lighting and focal points of the photos. The end product is a perfectly focused, bright and all around gorgeous photo.


To schedule your private family photography session with Marla Michele Must, contact her today!