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As a parent, you know that there’s nothing more special in the world than your child.

Their personality lights up a room, and capturing a memory of them is priceless. However, capturing that personality in a static image is not always an easy feat. As we know, kids are always on the go, so getting them to sit still and smile is usually near impossible. Instead of chasing your son or daughter around and getting them to pose, trust Marla Michele Must, an experienced photographer, to take a picture-perfect portrait that you’ll love.

Anyone can use a camera, why should I pay a professional photographer to take my child’s portrait?

We’re living in an era of smartphones that can focus and filter photos to perfection. It seems like just about anyone could take a good photo; even kids know their way around a phone’s camera! With that being said, does your phone know how to plan a photo shoot, choose a location, give wardrobe advice and pose your child for an optimal end result? That’s where Marla’s expertise comes into play. She works with you to understand the vision you desire in your child’s portraits and will bring it to life through her amazing photography skills. With over seven years of professional experience, she knows just the factors that lead up to a jaw-dropping, beautiful portrait that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Can your phone do that?

After the photos are taken, Marla gets to work editing them to perfection.

She looks through the film of hundreds of photos to eliminate any with your child blinking or talking. After that, she uses her hand artistry talents to take the already fabulous photos to the next level by adjusting colors, focal points and textures. After the photos meet her extremely high standards, Marla sends you the proofs. The final product is a photo just as perfect as your child! When choosing the photographer for your child’s next photo shoot, trust Marla’s experience and love for children!

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