"I thought I knew what good photos looked like.  The mom of two little girls, I try to make sure that I get regular photos of my family, but I have to say nothing prepared me for Marla's pictures. I could spend hours telling you about how great she was with my girls, how she played with them, sang to them, interacted with them, etc.  But I think that has been stated a ton.   What I want to tell you about it the pictures.  These are not your momma's photos.  These are art.  These belong in a storybook.  Just looking at Marla's photos—of anyone—makes you breathe deep.  You notice all of the nuances; the trees, the grass, the way a hand is tilted, how a stuffed animal is held.  If you are looking to capture a moment in time, or the story of your life, I cannot imagine anyone better then Marla for the task."

Jamie G.


"Marla has done portraits of my children and myself several times now, and I keep going back to her because I always know what I will get - the best! She helps with preparing for the perfect moments, calms and wrangles group of children, and captures moments that are nothing short of magical! She helps define what you will do with your portraits, which is, for me, really helpful. We all have those folders and boxes of dozens of images and prints we have no idea what to do with. Marla will send you home with perfectly Completed artworks! I highly recommend her work!!"

Renee O.


"We came to know of Marla about 2 years ago when she did a photo shoot of my oldest with a couple friends. The pictures were absolutely amazing!!  When it came time for a family shoot we had zero doubt she was the only photographer to capture our family.  We just saw the pictures today and they blew me away!  It's like she knew exactly when to capture the perfect moment.  These pictures will be treasures for our family for the rest of our lives.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make us part of your family!!!!"
Kate B.


"Marla is an amazing portrait artist and a true professional. She always provides really excellent products and puts 100% of her heart and soul into what she does. I am not a client but i have seen her work and know people who she has photographed and they loved her work."

Stuart T.


"Marla's work is one-of-a-kind. She has a wonderful Eye and a talent of capturing true emotion and expression. The intimacy that she captures within the family is something very rare and something that will be treasured and cherished for many generations to come.  I would definitely have your family portrait done as soon as possible. Once the children grow up the expression will never be the same. A family portrait by Marla is something to be treasured and is an investment in your family history. Her work is priceless."

Stephen T.


"Marla is amazing, her photography and artwork is beautiful, her customer service and the care she puts into each experience is truly special. She is able to capture those precious moments that mean so much to each family. in addition, Marla is so very generous with her community, donating her services to numerous local charities. I wholeheartedly recommend Marla! Truly a one-of-a-kind artist and you can tell by her work that she loves what she does!"

Andrea C.


"Let's just start with the fact that I can't stand having my photo taken. As a photographer myself, I'm really particular about things too! Not only am I my worst critic, but then you add the layer of knowing what goes on behind the camera....you got your work cut out for ya! However, I was lucky enough to meet Marla and have the opportunity to work through some of my fears. I know a lot of women that feel just like me! She's such a warm, caring person and she's an AMAZING portrait artist. Needless to say my parents and grandparents are really happy to have updated photos of me (which I've avoided for a good few years now). My other half isn't a fan of photos either -- and he's dating a PHOTOGRAPHER! Silly man. Marla really got him to enjoy the experience, he loves the photos too. Definitely recommend her, and I respect her process from start to finish. Definitely worth it..."

Caitlyn B.


"I hired Marla to photograph my family.  I actually went back and forth with her for about a year because it was not cheap and it took time for me to understand what I was paying for.  She did not create photographs, she created artwork.  Her ability to capture a subject's soul is remarkable.  She is very talented and worth every penny.  I've had the blessing of getting to know Marla and she is talented, professional, savvy and WELL WORTH the investment!  We plan to hire her again!"
Marla K.


"We recently did a family photo session with Marla.  She started the process by consulting with me on the type of clothing and provided guidance on what looks the best.  On the day of our pictures she was professional, patient and fun to work with.  She captured moments that were priceless.  During our viewing my husband couldn't stop talking about how great they were and he hates having his pictures taken!  What a great session and experience and I just love my big framed picture!"

Nena M.


"Very pleased with Ms. Marla.  Her warm personality and enthusiastic approach during my daughters ballet photo shoot made my daughter feel so comfortable.  Her comfort in front of the camera and Ms. Marla's talent behind it, led to very beautiful pictures my family."

Claudia L.



"I can't say enough great things about Marla! She is such a beautiful person and is so comfortable to be around! Marla captured not only my labor and birth of my third baby but also did our first look photos! She was wonderful! I can't wait for spring to come so we can get another family session in!  Thank you for all you did for us!"

Sarah M.


"Marla is the best!!! Her photographs are incredible, and she has such a unique talent."

Meggie R.


"Marla is a talented photographer with a kind spirit, which made her a pleasure to work with. She is FANTASTIC at directing children and being playful with them while getting them to focus. She was quick and expedient, but did not rush through our session. She got the perfect shots and truly captured my boys' individual personalities. I am not a crier, but I was definitely a puddle of tears when I saw a slideshow of my family's photos put to music. Though expensive, the experience and the photos were well worth the price. Marla was able to capture my boys exactly the way that I see them. Every photo looks like it was taken through the eyes of a mother."
Keri S.


"Marla is the most amazing photographer. She did my family photographs and they were fantastic. She captured all of our personalities perfectly and the scenery around us was also really beautiful. She made all of us feel totally comfortable. She was also the most reasonably priced. When we went to view and select our photos, her studio was exquisite, and we’re amazed by just how many photos looked great. I highly recommend Marla and Enchanted Photography to anyone looking for a true artist at a great price!"

Aliya P.


"As a fellow photographer who is nowhere in the same league as Marla, I have been nothing but impressed with the work she does. It is truly a work of art. She is very knowledgeable and does not mind answering questions to help fellow photographers.  My daughter is expecting her first baby, and my first grand child in September and there is no else I would rather work with to take these important pictures. I no longer live in Michigan, but would not hesitate to try and set up a photo session when I come to town. When you are looking for the very best photographer for your family I hope you look to Marla to create for you a beautiful and lasting memory that captures the excitement, love, and happiness experienced at that moment in time. Marla's work tells a story. A story that you can enjoy and share with others."
Karen B.

"Marla is beyond an amazing photographer...her images are spectacular!  We had a mother/daughter photo shoot, which led to her taking pictures for my second wedding.  Everyone who sees her work thinks it is absolutely gorgeous, creative, and unique.  She is so easy to work with, having a gift working with the little ones.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful, one-of-a-kind, hassle-free pictures.. And I have! "

Michele H.

"Marla took my senior photos and they were absolutely wonderful! We had a hard time picking our favorites because they were all so great. Taking the photos was such a fun time as well, and Marla was able to really capture my personality. She is amazing!"
Andrea L.


"Marla Michelle is truly unique. Her photographs are exceptional and she has the ability to put clients of all ages at ease (especially young children). She pours her heart and soul into each session and creates images that "freeze time". I will forever remember my children through her lens. Truly spectacular."

Maran G.


"We were so excited to have our daughter's senior pictures taken by Marla after seeing her work in several businesses and being referred through other friends who've worked with her.  Marla did an absolutely amazing job of putting our (somewhat camera shy) daughter at ease and the resulting photographs were breathtaking.  We will forever cherish the photographs Marla took and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for excellent quality artwork provided with the best customer service and attention to detail we could wish for."
Janis T.

"We haven't had a family picture in 20 years. My whole family came mom dad sister brother in law and our kids. We had about 15 pictures taken in about 15 minutes. I usually go to JC Pennys so I was shocked. None of the kids were fussy and said no way she got a good picture in just a few shots. When she called and said they were ready to look at and pick. Myself and my mother couldn't decide they were ALL amazing! So we got all of them!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!"

Ashley T.


"Marla has an awesome incredible eye and captured our 14 month old beautifully.  The whole experience was easy and special. She is very flexible and creates a peaceful environment. I highly recommend her especially with a toddler! I will be returning."

Audrey M.


"A spectacular experience."

Marla M.


"Marla is a beautiful person & a super talented photographer. She has a special connection to her clients and it shows in her work. I highly recommend her for all your family photography needs; she is the best!"
Dawn J.

"I have done business with Marla & she is an excellent photographer, Marla has a great eye for composition. When you ask her for something she follows through exactly as she says she's going to do, I highly recommend her!"

Allen G.


"I am always so impressed when I am in businesses and they choose to have Enchanted Photography by Marla Michele Must on their walls. I had to know more about her work and who she was as a photographer in this area. Her work is so beautiful, you want to step inside the photo with the beautiful clients she is taking pictures of or walk the trails she is choosing to take pictures from. With Marla if you have questions on what the prices are, what to wear, when you will have your photos she will give you all that information. What an eye!!"
Sari C.


"Marla has done some amazing pieces for myself and my friends. I never hesitate to recommend her to clients or friends looking for that unique Session Photography that doesn't feel "posed". While I am usually hesitant to refer anyone to my clients ( I mean it is you vouching for them.. if they screw up then you are out that client too usually ) I never have to worry about the quality of work that Enchanted Photography provides. I will continue to you them when I need professional, unique work."

Amy C.


"Our family has worked with Marla for years for a number of family portrait sessions and individual sessions. I have also worked with Marla professionally to photograph models for my website. Marla is an extremely talented photographer and has the innate ability to capture the beauty in all of her subjects. She is sweet and kind and has a very gentle manner when working with clients of all ages and temperaments. I know many people who have had Marla photograph their families and children and everyone is blown away by the results. She is an artist that not only spends time at the session, but spends countless hours editing her work to get the perfect lighting and make sure the images are perfect. We have worked with other photographers and Marla is our favorite. Her pictures grace the walls of our home and they are works of art. When you take into consideration how much it costs to put a custom frame on a picture, the price of the prints pales in comparison! The photographs are worth every penny and are comparable to what any other photographer charges for the same size print - but you get so much more with Marla's work!!  Marla also does a lot of work collaborating with non-profits and donates a lot of her time and talent to a variety of causes.  We can't recommend her enough."

Michele S.


"I have had my families pictures taken by Marla twice- once in her gorgeous studio and once outdoors. Both times she gave all of her undivided attention to my family and made us feel very comfortable. She even went out of her way to tell my kids some silly jokes to get more smiles. Her work is undeniable beautiful. She is a real artist. We are very pleased with her work and will be using her in the future."

Stephanie T.


"Marla took amazing photos of our extended family. She was able to arrange us in ways that made everyone look terrific, she caught us all smiling and enjoying each other, and she captured some truly special moments for our family. My mother now has pictures of both of her daughters, all of her grandchildren, and just her with her husband hanging in her home for the very first time. Marla is truly talented!"

Amy Z.


We did a family photo shoot and senior pictures with Marla. She has this amazing ability to capture the joy and sparkle in the most natural setting. I have the most beautiful photos of my children. These memories I could not have captured with anyone else. Truly talented!!

Robbie S.


"People! Having a photo session with Marla Michele is truly an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. Marla is incredibly gifted through the eyes of an artist. She creates the most stunning portraits from simplicity to the most stately elegance that is a life long treasure to behold. I highly recommend Marla Michele, she has exceeded our expectations when it comes to the art of photography."

Barbara G.


"I simply can't say enough about how wonderful Marla has been to work with.  I first met her immediately after delivering my fourth child when she came to the hospital to photograph my other children meeting him for the first time.  Not only was she completely "on call" for my delivery, but she was a true professional from start to finish.  She respected every aspect of a very personal and emotional time, and the pictures she took of my three older children with my newborn are absolutely priceless.  A year and a half later, I still have to stop and look at the gorgeous photographs whenever I walk past them, and I often notice my children doing the same thing.  Our family recently had another photo session with Marla, and again I was blown away by her talent and artistry.  She was able to keep the attention of my four kids, which is no easy task, and her photographs embodied each one of our spirits.  Marla truly has a gift for capturing moments in time and turning them into works of art that will serve as lifelong memories."
Nikki R.


"Marla Michele Must is an amazing photographer.  She captures moments through her lens and opens doors and hearts for her clients.  The most remarkable thing that she has done in my eyes is not only her beautiful photography but her Anti-bullying campaign.  My daughter and her friends were featured in this wonderful campaign and it has been one of the most rewarding things that she has ever done!  Thanks so much Marla! xoxo"

Gina J.


"The photo shoot we did with Marla MIchelle was for an adoption piece in a community publication. We didn't prepare much for it, we just figured we'd get a few shots and be done. Marla Michelle not only took beautiful, natural pictures, but she effortlessly captured the essence of our family and what makes us special. She made us very comfortable and it shows in our photos. We have Marla Michelle's photos not only in our home, but on our "family business" website as well. I am on our site many times a day and I never tire of the photos, or the memories."

Robyn C.


"Beyond excited to have worked with Marla for our son's senior pictures! She had great ideas and we loooooove the pictures. So sweet to work with and we look forward to capturing more milestones with her!"

Dena R.


"Marla's work is beyond EXTRAORDINARY! She not only captures the perfect moments, but she makes the experience fun and memorable as well. My oldest daughter had her senior photos taken just 4 years ago, and we have booked Marla again for my youngest’s senior photos. Love her work! Would recommend her highly!"

Julie B.


"We had a wonderful experience with Marla. Not only does she create beautiful pictures, but she is a gem to work with. We are so happy with our portraits and can't wait to use her for future sessions."

Megan H.


"Marla has been amazing to work with! She took some beautiful photos of us with our 12-year-old Great Dane! Photographing a dog isn't always easy but Marla was patient and made sure to get the right shots. We cherish these photos so much and are so thankful to have worked with Marla!"

Candice L.


"Marla is the most passionate and talented photographer. She truly captures the essence and hearts of her subjects. Her great skills are surpassed by her artistry.  I highly recommend using her services.

Craig H.


"Marla is a true artist. They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and she can truly see it, unveiling you from the sides you haven't expected. She digs deeper and puts soul into her artwork, touching upon your inner beauty as well, by creating a special, relaxed atmosphere, by capturing unique moments, emotions. If you want a royal piece of art with you as the spotlight, a unique family memory, Marla is the one to go to!"
Ievgeniiia A.

"Marla is one of the most talented photographers I have seen.  She is both talented as an environmental photographer and is brilliant as well in the studio.   I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Bradford R.


"Marla is an amazingly talented and professional photographer whose work is absolutely outstanding. Marla has a unique ability to capture such detail and emotion in her portraits, which you honestly could not ask for more.  A portrait by Marla is a gift for life."

Susan E.


"This photographer is unbelievably talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. I commissioned Marla to photograph my family this Autumn. We had a lot of laughs, enjoyed the session, and had a fantastic experience as a family. Now we have beautiful memories in the form of artwork to cherish for generations. Thank you Marla and the Enchanted Photography Studio!"

Alayna L.




"Marla's portraits connect on a deep human level. Her beautiful natural settings and soulful portrayal of families and children invite us into the wonderful world this human experience can be. You can't help to feel touched by her artistry and care as it comes from a deep and generous place: her heart. Owe it to yourself and your family to have her talents create a permanent beacon of the miracle that your life is. It will be cherished for generations."

Bjorn M.


"I thought I knew what good photos looked like.  The mom of two little girls, I try to make sure that I get regular photos of my family, but I have to say nothing prepared me for Marla's pictures. I could spend hours telling you about how great she was with my girls, how she played with them, sang to them, interacted with them, etc.  But I think that has been stated a ton.   What I want to tell you about it the pictures.  These are not your momma's photos.  These are art.  These belong in a storybook.  Just looking at Marla's photos—of anyone—makes you breathe deep.  You notice all of the nuances; the trees, the grass, the way a hand is tilted, how a stuffed animal is held.  If you are looking to capture a moment in time, or the story of your life, I cannot imagine anyone better then Marla for the task."

Jaime G.



“Marla is simply awesome. She is an artist rather than a photographer and loves what she is doing. I met her in a meditation workshop and knew instantly how sensitive and wonderful person she is. When I requested her for my maternity shoot, she made my best experience into the best memory and I love to see myself big and beautiful. She is simply awesome”

Kirti Agarwal

“Marla…WOW is what everyone says who sees the photos that you took of Spencer & Carson. You truly captured their personalities 100%!!! We can't wait until Spring when we find that perfect urban location for a family session. More and more referrals always to come.”
Melissa Wolf-Litvin

“Thanks for the great pictures! Can't wait until they are hung on my wall!!”

Amy Fridson Reifler



“Marla is an incredibly talented photographer! She truly captured the essence of our children and family and is a pleasure to work with. I have also used her for my business where she photographed models in a natural setting to create a look book for my website; www.michelesaulsondesigns.com - the photographs are amazing!!! I have received many compliments on these images and have referred many people to Marla both for personal and professional use. Marla is also one of the kindest, most caring, sincere and giving people I know.”

Michele Eichner Saulson


“Just picked up our pictures and showed the family, all loved them. Marla did an amazingjob and was easy to work with!”

Marla Goren Zack


“I am in awe of the gorgeous photos that Marla took of my daughter. The look that she captured is truly magical. What I enjoyed most about our experience was that it was not a typical sit and snap with a background, but rather an organic experience where she captured our daughter in the moment. She was recommended by a friend and we are so happy we have booked a family session already!”
Brooke Leiberman

“Marla did an amazing job and really knows how to capture beauty in time. Very patient, professional and wonderful with children! You can tell she takes pride in her work. Her pictures are absolutely stunning! I'm looking forward to working with her again.”

Tina Tapia


“Marla is a wonderful photographer. She has calm, kind energy that children respond well to. She does an exceptional job working with them and capturing their essence. She has a wonderful eye and is great at what she does.”

Ann Fancy


“Marla took some of the best pictures I've ever had of my two kids. She really connected with them and showed their inner beauty.”

Heather Bowman-Tomlinson


“Love how Marla has an amazing ability to capture a moment in time! Absolutely breathtaking!!”

Robbie Franklin Sherman


“Marla was a pleasure to work with!! My children were so calm and we all really enjoyed our experience at the photo shoot. The pictures came out stunning!! Thank you so much Marla for bring so patient with us and for capturing such beautiful moments of my family!”

Micky Klein


“Marla is just SO personable and kind. She's GREAT with children and knew tricks to get my kids to focus that I'll surely be using at home! Lol. We had an all around fantastic experience.”
Keri Sledge-Mellon


“Marla is a wonderful person and an amazing photographer. She was able to really capture our little girl's spirit. We cannot wait to book a family session in the summer!!!”

Deanna Ballheim


“Marla did a fabulous job shooting my two daughters - their joy, fun-loving nature, even their biking rivalry. I had a really hard time choosing which shots to print!! I highly recommend Marla. Her portraits are wonderful and she's a pleasure to work with!”

Linda Wagner Douglas


“Marla was recommended by a family friend, and definitely lived up to their description. She is friendly and professional, and chose a beautiful setting for my daughter's senior pictures. Class act all the way!”
Rachel Ervin


“I look at a lot of photographs shot by a lot of different photographers. Marla is simply a brilliant artist. Her passion, creativity, skill, talent, and dedication show through. My eye was first caught by the priceless moments she is able to capture with children, but immediately I was impressed by her bold, adventurous use of color - both brash and subtle.I recommended my 18 year-old (aspiring photographer) daughter study Marla's work for inspiration and examples of proper composition and lighting; and to see how digital darkroom effects look when they are done right.”

Jim Selleck


“I used to work in the modeling business, so I have worked with a lot of photographers. Marla Michele's photography is outstanding because she truly captures the joy, the light, the spark that lives in everyone she shoots. This is Marla's gift, and we are so lucky to have her. THIS IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER YOU WANT.”

Heather Marie Irish


“Marla is WONDERFUL!!! She works very well with babies and makes them very comfortable in front of the camera. The pictures that Marla takes are absolutely stunning! She has an eye for things that us mere mortals don't see until we see it in her pictures. You can't go wrong with Enchanted Photography!”

Lauren Shelton

“Marla is super talented and fun to work with. I've only seen three of our photos so far and they are already the best I've ever had taken of my children. This is the best Mother's Day gift ever (I'm so glad I asked for it). Thank you Marla!”

Stephanie Jill Hodges Chew



“Marla is an extraordinary photographer! She is able to truly capture her subjects...whether they are happy, sad, giggly...whatever. Plan to use her talents ALWAYS!!”

Belle Kohen


“Marla is amazing! The pictures she took of my nephews and niece are so great and I can't wait to display them. She definitely captured each of their personalities....even the 1 week old!”
Robyn Glasser

“We love the stunning photos that Marla took of my daughter and me. She was beautifully patient with us and I am so grateful. Looking forward to our next session!”

Dani Gillman


“We had so much fun this morning with Marla, taking pictures of our newborn daughter Avery. Marla was phenomenal to work with and did such a great job capturing creative and visually stunning shots. (She was also super patient with a somewhat fussy newborn and very curious dog). The previews look beautiful and we can’t wait to see the final shots. Thank you Marla!”

Neil Simmerman


“Marla took our engagement photos last spring. We had so much fun during our photoshoot and Marla had great ideas for different locations/poses!”

Jessica Castiglione


“Marla is that rare photographer who really captures the heart and soul of her subjects on film. Her creative vision and technical expertise guarantee exceptional images that will be cherished for a lifetime.”

Elizabeth Cusulas


“Marla has an artistic touch with her photography that makes her work not just a moment recorded, but a keepsake that forever captures the story of family, love, and loyalty.”

Kay Bratt

“Marla's playfulness and love for her work is undeniably fun when you're being photographed…she has an exceptional eye for capturing one's innocence and beauty. A true Artist…”

Kimberly Marie


“Marla was able to capture my kids in such a beautiful and touching way. We will be using her again and again!”

Aj Goldman

“Not only is Marla an amazing woman, her portraits are truly precious works of art!!! Marla has the ability to capture life's special moments and turn them in to unbelievable memories!!!”
Lori Snider Zieman



“From the moment our son met Marla, there was an instant connection with him and her camera lens. She was awesome with him and from the sneak peak shots that she sent us, we can already tell that the pictures will be amazing. I would recommend Marla to anyone looking for a lifetime family memento!”

Marc Shefman


“Marla is a very talented and wonderful photographer in addition to being a pleasure to work with. She's also great with babies! We look forward to working with her again.”

Lindsey Fink Feldman

“We loved working with Marla! We are so happy that we chose her to take our family portraits. What makes Marla an amazing photographer is that she made our children so comfortable she was able to capture their true personalities. The pictures are a perfect snapshot of our family at that moment in time. We loved all of the images and had trouble picking only a few. We would recommend Marla to any family and look forward to working with her again.”

Jennifer Rosenthal Glass


“You are so talented. Your bokeh is buttery, your images have a surreal look with eyes that explode. I'm so jealous of your abilities.”

Phil Arbit


“Marla took family photos for us in Lexington. She is such a gem. A beautiful soul with an eye for capturing awesome moments. Can't wait to have her do a shoot for my salon! Thank you Marla! You are Amazing!”

Lori Wilson


“Marla did such a fabulous job captivating the entire wedding from beginning to end! From the girls getting ready to last call, she was right there every step of the way! Her creativity and warmth added even more pleasure to the big day! If u ever need a photographer who is prompt and enthusiastic, you know who to call...”

Nikki Brodski-Gartrell


“WOW...what an amazing day of capturing my sisters wedding!!! Marla was such a delight to have as part of this special day...she captured every moment as you can tell from her amazing photography! I can’t wait to have another event so we can have ENCHANTED by Marla capture the moments!!”

Karli Gartrell Brown


“We had such a fun time taking family photos with Marla! She made it really fun for the kids (and we had 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 to corral!) and the adults too, and we can tell captured some great candid moments and creative poses too. Love the sneak peeks and can't wait to see more!”
Erika London Bocknek

“Marla has an amazing gift. Not only do we have beautiful pictures but also the memories to go along with them! She made pictures easy by letting our true personalities shine and putting our nervousness at ease. So many laughs to go along with some great shots! She handled a big family with no problem at all! We will enjoy our family pictures for many years to come!”

Rebecca Lewis Baumgarten


“It was lovely to meet Marla today. We are part of the adoption project she is photographing. She made it easy to have our pictures taken, my child and I both felt relaxed, and it was fun, something I would not normally say about having my picture taken. She does lovely work and I would highly recommend her to photograph your next party or event.”

Leah Marx


“I think Marla is one of the best photographers I know.”

Mindy Eisenberg


“Marla is an exceptionally gifted photographer with an amazing artistic eye. Her work is beautiful and captures each child's personality. She is delightful to work with. I highly recommend Marla for an enjoyable, relaxed, and wonderful experience with absolutely beautiful photographic memories.”

Nicole Schapira


“Marla captured us perfectly and made us feel wonderful about our photo session. Our pictures are unbelievable! Can't wait to work with her again.”
Mike Salhaney


“Marla Must is the most amazing photographer ever. Her photographs absolutely come to life. Working with her is a pure joy. She is very understanding, caring, and empathetic, which all shine through in her work. Having her photograph your family is a privilege. Marla is all heart and working with her is a wonderful experience!!!”

Aliya Pasik


“Had a wonderful experience working with Marla! Looking forward to working with her in the future!”

Amy Winer


“We loved meeting and working with Marla! She is so calm and relaxed…she made our children feel so comfortable during the session that she was able to capture their true personalities in the photos. So professional and a true artist. Looking forward to working with Marla in the future!!”
Lauren Vincenti Smith

“She's just got a great EYE and an ability to catch the perfect picture.”

Laura Lynn Solomon


“I fell in love with Marla's creative eye when she captured pictures of my kids at summer camp, purely in their element, giving us glimpses into their favorite place on earth. So naturally, I booked a session for our entire (growing) family. Not only did she exceed my expectations once again, but with only a few minutes notice that a surprise proposal was about to take place, she photographed our engagement and created the most spectacular memories as we start the next chapter of our lives together! Marla exudes this calm that allows everyone to relax in their environment, so nothing feels "posed". She is has a gift of making us feel as comfortable in front of the lens as she is behind it. Can't wait for our slideshow...!!”

Shawn Broida


“Marla knows just how to capture the true essence of others. The camera is a part of Marla as well as she is a part of the camera!”

Kim Boudreau Smith


“I feel the word "amazing" definitely gets over used in today’s society but once I saw Marla's work, that is the first word that came to mind. Maybe I'm a little bias because the pictures were of my little girl Stella but the pictures she captures are truly amazing and numerous friends and family of ours couldn't agree more. We reviewed the proofs with Marla at her new studio, which is extremely beautiful and first class. The entire experience was a joy and I would highly recommend Marla to you if you are looking to capture any of life's special moments.”
Carla Ziegenbein Glorio


“LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thank you Marla for all you did for us!! We cannot wait until our next family session with all 9 of us!!!”

Alka Sawhney Kravetz


“Marla captured my daughter so beautifully. We've taken thousands of photos of her and they rarely represent her true expressions and personality. My husband said, ‘How did she get her to do that?’ In one short photo shoot, each piece of our toddler's personality was permanently ensconced for us.”
Karen Schreiber Hedge

“I've never seen anyone but Marla capture the external beauty and internal beauty of everyone she's every photographed. Her work is exceptional!”

Maureen Popkin-Allyn



“Marla has been great to work with! She captured amazing pictures of my family, as well as for my business! She is creative and professional! I would recommend her for anyone looking for quality pictures to make memories last a lifetime.”

Lindsay Mall



“There is so much to love here. Marla is a wonderful person, and fun to be around. She takes wonderful pictures and takes her work seriously to bring you the best pictures you can get.”

Nadav Pais-Greenapple


“Love the pics!!”

Maralee Rosemond


“I've been knowing Marla for 3 years, never met in real person. However every emotion she expressed, every poem she composed and every moment she captured in the form of pictures is always so inspiring, gorgeous and breathtaking. Her pictures are so inexpressibly beautiful that even turn me into a Facebook frequent user in order to admire those amazing works. But after all, I love her as a wise, gentle and firm mother, and I believe her photos are inescapable wonderful because of that.”

Chenying Wang


“Marla I never got to thank you for the beautiful portraits you did of our family while we were in Michigan vacationing. Over the holidays I got all kinds of compliments from our guests when they saw our portraits hanging on the wall. Everything from our first phone contact to receiving our prints -- you offered us excellence from beginning to end.”

Barbara Beritsameter


“If you are looking for family or individual portraits visit Enchanted Photography by Marla Michele! Marla takes great pride in truly capturing that delightful, "twinkle in the eye" moment with every client she photographs. Her pieces are unique, stunning and a pure joy to see.”

Teri Griffin Williams


“I want to take this opportunity to thank Marla for such wonderful work. She is absolutely the best photographic artist I have had the honor to know since my father and I met Ansel Adams back in the 1980's. I am so happy that I have come to find someone to photograph my family being that my father is no longer with us. Enchanted photography you certainly do amazing work, and I Thank You!!!”

Steve Muskovitz


“Marla will capture the true essence of your child or family. She is truly brilliant with her camera. She photographed all three of my children. She is able to give you a traditional beautiful photo shoot inside her studio. Or create amazing outdoor photos that take your breath away. Marla is a true artist.”

Jessica Nassar


“Marla is one of the most talented photographers I know. Her passion for photography has steadily increased over two decades. Her talent and skill has continued to excel during her artistic journey, capturing the emotion and happiness of her subject matter and clientele. If you're looking for one of the best in the field, you have arrived.”

Craig Hollander


“Simply the best! Her work is breathtaking - she is incredible with children and has an amazing work ethic. Highly recommend Marla Michelle!!!”

Hannan Alsahlani


“Marla Michele must has such a beautiful way of capturing the true essence of every individual and family. The moments that she captures are ones that each family will cherish!”

Ronald Stern


“These are so beautiful Marla! WOW!”

Lisa Finnell Advent


“Love our pics!!! They made great Christmas cards as well. See you soon!”

Mark Kattula


“Thank you so much to Marla! Not only did she take fabulous pictures of my family, she was so accommodating of our needs. She captured our last family weekend with my mom. Then, when my dad wanted prints made for his house for after the funeral, Marla came right over and completed the order in less than 24 hours. During the shiva period friends and family were able to enjoy the beautiful images of my mother. Don't wait until it is too late. Take family photos while everyone in your family is healthy. It is a wonderful treasure that you will have forever. Book Marla now! Also, she works great with kids.”
Sheri Lee


“Our photo shoot with Marla was wonderful; she came out to our house in the middle of this horrible winter to get beautiful shots taken of our son, before all of his teeth came in. It was equally as fun coming into her studio to view our slide show! We can't wait for our canvasses to come in, and we are already planning for our next portrait session!”

Michelle Bass


“Thank you Marla for capturing such amazing and special memories for us of our LittleMan! Truly something we will treasure for many, many, many days!!!”

Scott Reno


“I simply love the way Marla Michele captures kids being kids, sibling and family love and personalities in pictures. It's simply impossible to resist her charms. No wonder her subjects are always Enchanted.”

Danielle Workman


“Marla recently photographed my identical twin daughters. Her photos of their combined beauty were absolutely stunning. At the very same time, she captured their distinguished and treasured individualities. This contrast is mesmerizing. I can feel the intense bond of their relationship while looking at their pictures—which takes this twin Momma's breath away.”
Kristin Myers

“We had a fabulous morning with Marla! She was great with our two year old and managed to capture some adorable moments. We are so looking forward to seeing all the photos in her studio!”

Maran Maguran Grant

“Marla was fantastic, I can't speak highly enough of her talent. She immediately put all of us at ease, she sang Frozen songs with my daughter and made the session feel like a fun day at the park while capturing the most incredible pictures! I am so grateful we met her and look forward to seeing her again!!! I would recommend her to everyone!!!”

Erin Ruth Duchan


“My wife and I sat down with Marla tonight to preview our pictures and we were so impressed!!! The whole experience was wonderful and we cannot wait to hang our family art on the walls! Thanks again Marla!”

         Ed Samples


“It is a joy to work with Marla and watch her create amazing pieces of photographic art. We will cherish the beautiful photos she took of our daughter and we will recommend Enchanted Photography to all of our family and friends! Amazing artist, incredible work, outstanding customer service!”

Janis Traynor


“Couldn't ask for better! She captured my family and their personalities so well. My 2.5 year old is a moving target and she totally captured his essence in the preview pics we've seen. I can't wait for our reveal!”

Marla Kaminsky


“Hi Marla—I just wanted to reach out to you and say a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! Allie had the best time being with you and her friends yesterday. Thank you for Empowering them as a group and teaching them to embrace their individuality. The pictures are beautiful and really capture the spirit of the girls. I love each picture more than the last one. I can't wait to see them all! Thank you for promoting friendship and not bullying!!”
Julie Kushkin Yaker

“I think that, if I could, I would have Marla follow me, my family, my pooch, and my friends full-time, so that I could have vivid memories of their most everyday yet expressive and revealing moments preserved on ‘film.’ Marla's photos, unlike what most ‘portrait’ photographers produce, capture and convey more than pleasant faces. They capture personalities and emotions. They make me feel something. There is nothing more precious and worthy of capturing and hanging on one's walls, or framing on one's desktop, virtual or actual. I can't say enough to express my admiration for her work.”

Beth Greenapple


“Marla's work is both creative and beautiful. She took a candid photo of my family at an event we attended and captured such a natural moment. We were amazed. Marla really knows how to put people at ease, especially when having their photo taken isn't their favorite thing! In fact, this particular picture was so beautiful, my sister-in-law saw it and immediately ordered it for herself and my in-laws. She then had Marla take her family portraits. I highly recommend Marla and her Enchanted Photography.”

Laurie Waronoff Freeman


“Marla is an AMAZING photographer! I would highly recommend Enchanted Photography for any type of photos you're looking for. When I got my pictures back I was very pleased with the excellent work she put into my senior photos. I cannot wait to learn everything she knows when she becomes my mentor.”

Rachel Steinik


“The studio was stunning and very comfy. Marla was very friendly and professional to work with. My daughter enjoyed her photo shoot so much she wants to know when she can go back! She captured my daughter's beauty perfectly.”
Korryn Martino


“My daughter had an opportunity to work with Marla today and we had a wonderful time! Her studio is beautiful. She took her time and made my daughter feel like a princess. The photos she took are absolutely stunning! I will definitely keep her on speed dial for our future photo shoots!!!”

Stephanie Thornton

“I can't wait for our next photo shoot. We had such a great time with Marla. Very professional but lots of fun at the same time! Not to mention I am so happy with the pictures.”

Michelle Hay-Newby


“We loved working with Marla—professional, friendly, great with babies, and so much fun to be around!!”

Emily Halberg Piper


“WOW! The pictures were more beautiful than I could imagine. Marla was so calm and amazing with Jack and Ella.”

Amy Sparks Gross


“Beautiful page…Beautiful work! Thank you for the add and invite Marla!”

Lynn Darmon


“We just shot our family session with Marla yesterday and it was great. I am falling in love with the sneak peek photos that were posted already! I can't wait to see the rest in a few weeks. Marla was so great to work with during our session. You can definitely tell she is great at what she does and a true artist. I loved that she sang our one-year-old daughter's favorite songs to get the perfect shot of her. Just fabulous!”

Brie Hesano


“We just received our fabulous coffee table box of 20 awesome photos! Love it. We had such a hard time limiting our picks to 20—but what a great gift of remembrances of a special time for our family! Our photo shoot was a delight even with a 1 year old and infant grandchild.”

Paula Milgrom


“Marla and Enchanted have been a wonderful experience for our family. She had an eye for moments not just photos. She was able to perfectly capture the personality of each of our children and our family as a whole, with one click. Her patience with young children (and pestering parents) was phenomenal. We look forward to working with her in the future!”
Amber Webb

“Marla is a talented photographer that captures spirit and personality. We LOVED each and every picture!! We can't wait to see those beautiful pictures on our walls every day. Thank you!!”

Laurel Simmer Schwartz


“Marla did a great job capturing my new family on ‘film’. We had to move fairly quickly due to the age of our daughter and the weather, but the pics came out great. We couldn't be happier with the result! And we definitely plan to use Enchanted Photography again as our family grows.”

Yoni Kellman


“Marla is truly talented and such a pleasure to work with! She made us comfortable and welcome both in her studio and while she photographed our families. Very professional and warm.”

Amy Glasier Ersher


“Wow, is all I can say! I picked up my enchanted order yesterday and I can not stop looking at the beautiful images that Marla captured. She is truly amazing at what she does.”
Christine DiVico Glasier

“Amazing experience we had with Marla~Enchanted Photography. Made us both feel at ease and the outcome was extraordinary! A moment captured in time and treasured in our photos. Thank you~Marla!!!”

Nancy Dierker


"Marla is absolutely amazing. She was able to capture the personalities of both of my daughters. We have beautiful treasures hanging in our hallway thanks to Marla. We were beyond pleased and look forward to working with her again in the future."

Christina Younan Jotanovic


“Marla is amazing! She made the photo session so much fun and the pictures are beautiful!!”

Robyn Gursten Seiferheld


“My daughter Lainie and her friends took it upon themselves to enter in to your contest. What an unbelievable experience to allow a group of friends to come together in an environment where there was no competition and they could just be themselves. It was fun to see the smiles that all of these girls had on their faces during their entire experience. Thank you Marla for putting this together we all truly appreciate it!”

Mikki Lieberman Rubin


“Beautiful pictures and a meaningful experience…”

Kristine Russell Mathis


“This was a fantastic opportunity for the kids to have fun and enjoy being together doing something they have never had the opportunity to do. The enjoyed Marla's enthusiasm and ability to connect with them! It also gave them the opportunity to be conscious of acts of kindness toward others!”

Lisa Golden-Kruman


“My child's shot was taken with the rest of the Elementary members, and the shots were amazing! Thank you very much for your good work! It had also been a good opportunity for him thinking and doing something good to others.”
Hiroyuki Nomura

“Working with Marla has been such a wonderful experience. She is easy to set up appointment times with and is flexible. Her photographs are beautiful, and her message to spread kindness is inspirational! We can't wait to photograph with her again...”

Paula Gottlieb Lynn


“A wonderful job! I can't wait for my beautiful pictures!!”

Beth Malz Marx


“Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Jordyn and her friends!!!”

Amy Chayet Shapiro


“Marla, you have an amazing gift. Not only do you capture these beautiful teens in just the right light, but you have opened their eyes to kindness. Thank you for taking the time to spread kindness through these teens and for making the world we live in a little bit nicer one child at a time. Thank you for showing Camie that what she does to brighten up ones day or put a smile on another's face, her sweet giggle that lightens up a conversation or just simply her use of manners, all matters. You have made her feel empowered and enchanted her with kindness that she will remember the rest of her life. Thank you Marla Must for your giant heart of pure goodness.”

Julie Bernstein Brown


“Super pretty pictures.”

Lucero Emeillé


“Each photo has so much life! I'm so excited to capture my kids and their unique personalities as they grow.”

Lainie Roth


“Excellent photographer! She captured the best expressions and we loved every picture, thank you!”

Jamie Iden Strasberger


“BEST photography experience in every way! Marla managed to capture every wonderful aspect of my daughter’s personality with amazing creativity, talent and insight! I HIGHLY recommend Marla! I will DEFINITELY be using her again for future events!”

Pan Roberts Schwartz


“Marla was so patient with my son who wanted to do everything BUT take pictures! She took adorable shots that captured him perfectly!”

Jillian Berger


“Marla is so patient and has the ability to capture moments and expressions that only a truly talented photographer can.”

Sara Edson


“My son and I have been photographed by Marla twice. It has become a yearly tradition. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and she is a pleasure!”

Lynn Aronoff


“Marla is an amazing photographer to work with. Very professional and the kids loved her!!”

Desiree Christopher


“Marla was so fun to be photographed by. She was fast and we had a good time. We are in love with our photo preview and we can't wait to see the rest!”

Caitlin Rebecca


“My daughter and her girlfriends had a session with Marla and had an absolute blast. Not only that, but they talked about the random acts of kindness and it made them think a little more about others. Needless to say, the pictures were beautiful!”

Lynn Puskar Wilson

“The photos Marla took of my children are magnificent! She captured moments of both joy and seriousness, and she brought out each child's personality in her artistic images. She is lovely to work with, and I recommend her highly!”
Kelly Rogers Victor


“Marla did such an excellent job of capturing our family and all my 4 children's unique personalities. She made the process painless and fun. And the pictures she took will grace my walls for many years to come. Just beautiful! Thanks Marla!!”

Maureen Miasko-Fienman


“Marla is an amazingly talented and professional photographer whose work is absolutely outstanding. Marla has a unique ability to capture such detail and emotion in her portraits; you honestly could not ask for more. A portrait by Marla is a gift for life.”

Susan Edni


“A wonderful experience for my family. We have pictures (FINALLY) that we all love, and will be very important for our family. Marla is amazing.”

Chantal Wentworth-Mullin

“Marla is a true artist with such a kind heart. Her passion for photography & life shines bright through her work. Thank you for sharing your gift with my daughter and her friends.”

Erika Houser


“Spreading goodness everywhere! Focuses with her camera, on what most don't see with their eyes...Brilliant! Just beautiful!”

Lisa Senac


“Marla took pictures of our family. From the moment I first contacted her via phone through till the end where she delivered our photos, she was extremely responsive, professional and also patient (especially with our 3 year old daughter) and easy to work with. When I saw our pictures, I was absolutely thrilled with them and would recommend Marla to anyone.”

Jitka Gruntova


“Our pictures were absolutely gorgeous!”

Heather Fagerlie


“Marla was awesome to work with! Brought out everyone's personalities beautifully!”

Denise Stavropoulous Michalos


“The pictures are incredible! And Marla was a pleasure to work with.”

Heidi Grogan


“Marla came to NYC to do an Enchanted Tween photo shoot with my 12 year old daughter and 9 of her friends. The experience was nothing short of magical! The kids really responded to Marla, both during the session and afterward when she spoke with them about the meaning of her Enchantment Ambassadors project and what they needed to do to ‘pay it forward’. The photos themselves are stunning and I am looking forward to seeing more of them as the girls start posting their good deeds. Thank you, Marla!”
Heather E Topcik

“Marla's work is hands down the most beautiful and unique form of photography I've ever seen. She captured our daughter’s pictures so beautifully and was such a pleasure to work with. We seriously couldn't decide which pictures to get so we basically ordered them all! We have an 'enchanted' wall of pictures in our home of our 3 girls and everyone who sees the pictures is always in awe of them. We love Marla and Enchanted Photography!!”

Missy Sigler


“Marla is fantastic and is an excellent photographer loved our session with her.”

Tina Scaris-Atteih


“We had a great experience with Marla and love our pictures!!”

Talia Loss Dolgin


“Enchanted Photography by Marla is amazing! Marla captured the most beautiful photos of our family and Great Dane. It isn't easy working with a dog, especially one who was very interested in roaming through the park, but Marla was patient and so helpful. Not only did we see the sneak peak of our photos before we made it home that day but all our photos were ready to be viewed in less than a week of taking them! Marla is simply the best!”

Candice Lowe Kurrie


“We really enjoyed our session. The photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for capturing our family!”
Mira Parikh

“Amazing work. Made my son feel very confortable and was able to capture some very special moments.”

Carolyn Moulton


“Awesome set ups for shots and kept our kids in the game for an hour which is unreal! Loved working with you Marla!”

David S. Farbman


“Such a fun and pleasant experience. Marla obviously has a passion for what she does and not bashful in positioning and creating magnificent images.”
Kimberly Bracey

“Marla knew exactly what she wanted to capture and made the session quick, which is exactly what you want with young children. You can tell she is extremely passionate about photography and gets so excited when she captures a special moment.”

Lindsey Lefere Krempa

“The photos of my daughters are stunning! Marla was thoughtful and easy to be around!”
April Joy Fagerlie

“Marla has a way with not only capturing the most intricate physical details of a child, but more importantly, the essence of who they are naturally. Her timing is perfect, and efficient. As a mom of three young active children, this was crucial. I'd highly recommend her.”

Shari Turnbull


“Marla was a joy to work with, and we enjoyed our session with her. She has a great personality and made us feel very comfortable. She treated my daughter, who had been bullied at school, with compassion and kindness. It was great experience and she captured a gorgeous shot of my daughter and I.”

Beth Ann Campbell Arnold


“Marla was a pleasure to work with! She captured beautiful shots of my family and had so much patience with my 2 little ones. I’d definitely recommend using Enchanted Photography—5 stars for sure!!!”

Leah Trakhtenberg


“Marla did a wonderful job. She was very accommodating to our schedules. I am glad to have found a new family photographer in Michigan!!”

Appy Kaur

“Marla is truly amazing! The sneak peeks are so perfect... I will have a very hard time choosing. Thank you!!!”

Mara Litinsky Kravitz



“Marla was so great with our girls, and she did a lovely job of capturing
personality, and scenery! Very sweet and easy going nature...”
Melissa Miller Allen


“Marla is talented, humble and generous. She cares about her subjects, making everyone comfortable and granting permission for people to be authentic. Marla quietly gives back to her community and creates lasting memories for families. Her artistry speaks for itself. What a gift!”

Gina Kell Spehn


“Marla, could not have been easier to work with. Loved the price, the professionalism, care, and creativity. This was more important to me than a holiday. and Marla made it a PRICELESS experience. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!”

Kerry Lynn Saracino


“Marla is a TRUE talent and professional. Her attention to detail cannot be measured. She is extremely patient, and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. If you're looking for family, baby, headshots, heck even glamour I would say look no more. Marla is your girl. Thank you for this enchanted experience.”

Angelyn Beale


“We loved working with Marla! She was so sweet with our boys and was efficient which is so important to families with younger kids! She is super talented and we will treasure the moments she captured!”

Sarah Kepic


“I just had an amazing time with Marla, She did a great job on my Maternity pics. She is very fast and accurate in her job. She knows exactly what she is doing. I wish I knew her for long time. I am so happy that I met her; she has the best personality, sweet, kind, and honest with her customers. Wish you the best Marla. And thank you again.”

Raghad Mh Hough


“Marla was absolutely fantastic to work with and made us feel at ease in front of the camera! Marla chose a beautiful location and had smart ideas for poses and even grabbed some candid shots. We are thoroughly impressed with the quality of her work and would recommend her to anyone!”

Anne Budzeyko Stentz


“We had our twin boys senior photos and a few family ones taken this week. Loved her vision, and ability to work so well will two 17 year old boys and our family. Great experience. So professional in every aspect, communication and her creativity. Thank you, Marla!! Can't wait for college grad pics!”

Debbie Ernst


“One word to describe our experience so far has been ENCHANTING. The photos of my daughters were so touching and tender, it looked like a fairytale. Marla was so kind to my daughters throughout the photo shoot allowing them to be themselves to capture true beauty. Marla's quality of work and attention to detail creates a picture that expresses so much more than just a moment in time.”

Emily Sarah


“Marla was so great to work with! She was so kind and helpful in getting us ready for the photo shoot. We really enjoyed our session and she was great with our children. Her passion for her work is so evident in every photo that she takes and her creativity is so unique. We absolutely love our pictures and would highly recommend her!!”

Callie Moylan


“We had family and senior photos taken by Marla. She picked a wonderful place, gave great guidance on outfits, and was a joy to work with on the shoot. My children didn't complain once. She was efficient and the shoot went by quickly, but she made sure she got all the shots she needed. And the photos turned out lovely. I highly recommend Marla—she is a wonderful photographer.”
Michelle Goff

“I not really a review writer, so this is out of my norm but I think it's warranted. My family got photos done with Marla last fall, I was honestly going into it thinking I just wanted a couple good pics of our family and girls and when she was done I was so excited because I thought so many were absolutely stunning and very unique. The pictures have a very beautiful and artistic feel to them. It was the first time we hired someone to do this for us. My overall experience with Marla was a pleasant surprise, she was really good with the girls, very warm and welcoming, attentive, and responsive. She even helped me pick our outfits out! We love our photos we selected! One thing I noticed the most is that she totally loves what she does and it comes across in her photos, work, and dealing with clients. Thank you Marla!”

Candice Berry Schultz


“Had my daughter's senior pictures taken by Marla. What an awesome experience! Marla was willing to go to numerous locations just because that's where Ellie dreamed of having her pictures taken. And boy are the photos beautiful! Thank you Marla.”

Leslie Pearlman Moskowitz


“Marla was awesome with our kids! She was great to work with. She loves what she does and it shows in her work. The kids said, ‘we want her to take our pics again!’ We can’t wait to put your work on our walls. Thanks again Marla. It was fun!!”

Antonietta Cascioli-Giglio


“The shoot was so short and easy, which my baby and husband LOVED. She was so great with my little one and the pictures turned out absolutely incredible!! So happy that we got enchanted with Marla.”

Amy Friedman Lingeman


“I have been admiring Marla's work for years and I am so excited to have our very own pictures! She was also wonderful to work with and my kids enjoyed the experience as well!”

Sheri Monique


“Marla did an amazing job getting our FOUR little boys to cooperate for our family pictures which is no easy task! She captured beautiful pictures (the lighting, their eyes, the scenery) AND she took full responsibility for organizing/instructing them which left us feeling way more relaxed than we normally would on photo day. Thank you!”

Christianne Marshall


“Dear Marla, Thank you for capturing beautiful images of my girls and I. Truly magical! You are so easy, patient, and kind. I know how hard it is to work with children. It was a pleasure working with you. I would recommend all my family and friends to experience working with you! Thank you again!”

Gülin Balci


“Marla was great to work with and very patient while taking pictures with our 6.5 month old... who is usually super happy and smiley but was being a little fussy. She helped me feel relaxed while I nursed him during our session. Since he was a little fussy, I was worried that we weren't going to have too many happy pictures of him, but already looking at our sneak peek... I cannot believe how great they are! Excited to see the rest!! Thanks again! Highly recommend Marla!!”

Jenna Klar


“We had a fantastic time taking pictures with Marla! She was particularly amazing with my reserved, feisty 4 year old and was able to pull out his charismatic personality! She was able to capture beautiful moments of our family, and also precious moments with my 4 year old and 1 1/2 year old! So happy with our session and can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! We would highly recommend using her for your pictures- so easy to work with, so patient, and takes incredibly gorgeous pictures!”

Elana Rothstein Miodownik


“5 stars for sure!! Marla was extremely patient, very fun (sang silly songs with my 2 year old!) and so easy to work with! I love that she gave my family direction on what to wear and how to pose. She has wonderful and creative ideas. Her photos are absolutely stunning and priceless!! Marla is truly so kind and so talented. Thank you, Marla!!!”

Cortney Brooke Barnett


“I had the opportunity to have my daughters photographs taken by Marla. I have to tell you, we've had a lot of pictures taken of our girls, but never anything like this. I don't even know where to begin. The quality of the pictures is absolutely stunning visually. My children are gorgeous, but the background, the lighting, the use of sun, shadow and dark are absolutely breathtaking. Not only are the pictures amazing, but she has a way with children that got my children to do things I never thought they would, (even though they weren't in the best of moods) she managed to get them to listen to her, play her games, and take part in her activities like a teddy bear picnic. I would recommend Marla to anyone looking to get photos.”
Jamie Green Kaniarz



“She's done it again! Beautiful photography! I really dislike having my picture taken, but Marla recently did a professional headshot for me that I will use with confidence. She made the process so fun and comfortable. I went to her because she has done gorgeous portraits of my children on several occasions. I cannot say enough about the quality and beauty of her work - masterpieces! She has a wonderful charming way of working with children and capturing them in a way that no one else has been able to. The best part is that I don't walk away with a bunch of images and prints—I get complete works of art, ready to hang! She helps with the entire process—what do you want your pictures to portray, where are these going, how do we best present them? I highly recommend Marla!”

Renee Dudzinski Oriewicz